Tenderfoot offers physical fitness programs, massage therapy, nutritional consulting, and wellness coaching.  Please click on individual services to learn more.



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We begin with an individualized, integrated, and thorough fitness assessment.  This is to determine your goals, needs, and abilities. Most importantly, it assures a safe and effective program.  The questionnaire includes details about your occupation, lifestyle, medical, and personal information. The physical assessment includes posture and movement efficiency, and may include performance, physiologic, and cardiorespiratory assessments.  Please be advised a fitness assessment is not designed to diagnose any condition. Our assessment is a guideline for the personal trainer to observe each client’s individual structure and function.

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Wildflower offers guidance, resources, and advice for improving nutrition and eating healthier.  We provide you with the tools to eat and drink more mindfully.  Our nutritional consulting program assists you in making and maintaining dietary changes.  We provide information, education materials, support, and follow-up to help you lead a more nutritional and healthier life.

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