“Sara is a born healer.  I have been to her many times and she always hits the exact spots that need her the most.  She is intuitive and strong – the two best qualities in a massage therapist.  I highly recommend going to Sara!”

—Anna W., San Rafael, CA

“Sara is the best deep tissue massage person I have been to. She always is able to heal me. I recommend her to anyone who needs a great massage. Thank you for always fitting me in to your schedule.”

—Mrs. J., Mill Valley, CA

“Sara has been my massage therapist now for over 3 years.  She has given me the best massages I have ever had.  I love her true concern for my health and the attention to detail of my problem areas.  She knows what works for my body and the perfect technique to use to keep a good balance of relaxation and a fix to those stubborn areas.  She continues to educate herself on the lastest techniques and incorporates them into her massages.  She has always followed up to make sure I am doing ok afterwards.  I have recommended her to many of my coworkers and friends who were blown away with her.  They have continued a regular relationship with her as well.  I cannot say enough about the massage experience so I just recommend you go.”

—Michelle R., San Rafael, CA

“Sara is a master at trigger-point and deep tissue massage.  For years my husband and I could never find a massage practitioner we loved.  By luck, a friend gave me a massage from Sara as a gift.  That was 7 years ago.  Since then, Sara has been coming to our house once a month to give us individualized massages and she is incredible.  Sara has in-depth knowledge of body physiology and is an amazing healer.  Honestly, I could never imagine going to anyone else for a massage.  Sara is the best!”

—Susan M., San Francisco, CA

“Sara C. has been our deep tissue masseuse for over 2 years.  Her massages are simply incredible.  Sara has a thorough knowledge of the human body and how to work with tissues and muscles to attend to any imbalances that build up.  As my husband and I have worked to get physically fit over this time, Sara has been integral in our fitness program in terms of massaging and working with our bodies and giving us exercises and stretches to work with the more fatigued or challenged areas.  She is a true professional who puts you at ease.  Her massages are the best!”

—Tracy F., Mill Valley, CA

“If you’ve tried several personal trainers like me, you will know right away when it is a good fit.  Sara is very attentive, encourages you, and helps keep you motivated even when you are not working out with her.  She is very enthusiastic and you can tell this is her passion.  If you want someone positive in your life, someone who inspires you and will help keep you fit, you must go to Wildflower Fitness & Massage!”

—Amie J., San Francisco, CA

“I began training for my first Ironman triathlon over 2 years ago, I went into the 6 month intensive training with pre-existing injuries. I tried Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and joint specialists. My saving grace was Sara. The massages that I scheduled regularly with her throughout the experience helped heal my injured neck and knee as well as providing relief from the hard workouts. Sara’s massages are focused on the areas that need the most attention while at the same time making sure that no muscle is left unattended. I highly recommend Sara and Wildflower.”

—Rebecca T., Berkeley, CA

“I can hardly believe that my wife and I have been doing personal training under Sara’s direction for almost four years. Being physically active, we were very surprised at some of the weaknesses that showed up as she guided us through exercises that uncovered unused muscles. Her sessions are now a regular part of our cross-training.

Balance. I remember that just sitting on an exercise ball was tricky at first. Now we are kneeling on them while doing arm exercises with weights. Hello core muscle groups!

Ankle strength. “Hey, we are ice skaters. Our ankles are strong.” Or so we thought until Sara had us doing exercises while standing on an unstable surface with one foot. It turns out that our ice skating boots were doing a lot of the support work.

Strength training while traveling. It’s amazing how much exercise you can get with the proper use of an elastic band that fits in your pocket (or purse).

Sara is very careful in adding exercises as our skills and strengths improve. She also has helped us through some rough patches from injuries we acquired in the rest of our active lifestyle.”

—August K., Mill Valley, CA

“Sara has helped me with many different problems on my neck and back.Nobody has been able to help me like she does. She has been my massage therapist for many years and i highly recommend her. She is also always great about check in with you to make sure you are doing well after she works on you. Please call and make an appointment now…..”

—Jesse D., Santa Rosa, CA

“I’ve been a client of Sara’s for several years, originally for massage therapy. While rehabbing from a series of injuries, she started working with me as a personal trainer as well. She got me past some hurdles, doing things that I didn’t think I’d be able to do. Her enthusiasm, encouragement, and compassion are why I keep coming back for more. I’m an older athlete, with ice skating as my passion. Wildflower is keeping me in the game and I’m loving it.”


“Sara is the BOMB. Sara is one of those practitioners who, from the minute they touch you, you begin to relax, as if your body knows you are about to be treated to the very thing it needs in that moment. Sincerely, Sara is THE best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. I would have no hesitation sending anyone to see her. She is a naturally gifted healer and an expert in her field.”