Personal Fitness Training

We provide an innovative and contemporary approach to personal fitness training. This type of training focuses on the postural deficiencies seen in people today due to the home and work environments consumed with electronics such as computers, cell phones, and other technology. Long days at the office and hours at the computer, among many other repetitive stress activities, can lead to the inactivation of certain muscles. This is just one area a person requires a personal trainer. Other areas include injury, stress, preparing for a competition, out of balance or mis-aligned, looking to increase lean muscle, or lose weight.

Here at Wildflower Fitness & Massage, we focus on core, balance, and proprioception before strength and power. It is extremely important to train the proper muscles for stabilization first. This is not expressed enough in fitness programs today. Depending on your goals, and what level you are at, a program will be tailored to meet your needs.

Our training facility is unique in that we do not use typical gym equipment. We teach all movements including 3-dimensional, linear, transverse, circular, rotational, and so on. We use exercise bands and loops, free weights, unstable platforms, jump ropes, trampolines, physio (swiss) balls, bosu balls, medicine, gel, and water balls. We mimic everyday movements in life so your muscles have the ability to work efficiently, reducing your chance of injury.

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The purpose is to train as many muscles as possible in as many ways as possible. We want to mimic everyday movements, but also do exercises differently as you normally do to work untrained muscles. This builds lean muscle, tones the whole body, and helps continuously burn calories. Your metabolism is revved all the time!