Living in Balance

Living in complete balance is very hard to do.  What we can do is make small changes everyday to assist our mind and bodies into a more permanent/lifelong change.  We can start by living more in the moment, being more aware of our surroundings and who is in our community.  We can learn to live in harmony with our environment. We can adapt fitness and health techniques so we can live a life more pain-free, more balanced, and more happy.  We can start taking preventative measures to stave off possible colds or infections.  Is it possible to go a whole year without getting sick?  Yes, yes!

I started Tenderfoot Wellness to devote my life to educating and motivating anyone interested in living a more balanced and healthy life.  I am dedicated to researching the TRUTH about nutrition, the latest innovations on fitness, and ways to live a more balanced and health-conscious life.  I believe most of us have the ability to live to 100 and beyond.  In order to do this we must believe in change and believe that our bodies have a built-in healing ability that can be taken full advantage of.  We must learn about our mind-body connection and we must commit to self-healing.  -Sara


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